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The Hero is Overpowered but Overly Cautious Volume 3 continues with a new adventure on an old world! The next arc begins on Ixphoria, a lost world plunged into chaos by the forces that defeated the heroes before.


When the going gets tough, the tough get tougher!

Well, this isn't the homecoming anyone expected...After liberating Gaeabrande from the tyranny of the Demon Lord, Seiya and Rista are rewarded (punished, really) with a return trip to Ixphoria. But due to the pair's failure to save the B-ranked world, the baddies have leveled up and plunged Ixphoria into chaos, transforming it into an SS-ranked hellscape! With the added penalty of Rista's healing being sealed and no access to the Hero class, Seiya must now save the world as...a Jolly Piper...?



  • Prologue: A Reunion and a Change
  • Chapter 1: Invasion
  • Chapter 2: A Strange FeeNew Class
  • Chapter 9: Jolly Piper
  • Chapter 10: The Miserable Life of a Mole
  • Chapter 11: Impatience and Irritation
  • Chapter 12: In Check
  • Chapter 13: The Goddess of Shape-Shifting
  • Chapter 14: The Woes of a Mermaid
  • Chapter 15: A Hero’s Miscalculation
  • Chapter 16: A Goddess’s Declaration
  • Chapter 17: Goddess of Warfare
  • Chapter 18: The Former Kingdom of Termine
  • Chapter 19: Enlistment
  • Chapter 20: The Fool’s Tower
  • Chapter 21: The Treasonous Beast
  • Chapter 22: Mother
  • Chapter 23: Beast Hazard
  • Chapter 24: In This Cruel World



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