Adenela is the Goddess of War (戦争の女神;Sensou no Megami). She has more knowledge of sword arts than even Cerceus. Previously, she was the sole possessor of her special move, Eternal Sword, until Seiya quickly mastered that as well.

Like other goddesses, Adenela is quickly smitten and falls in love with Seiya, going so far as to comb her hair, tidy her appearance, and even make him a cake, which he rejects.

After Seiya's rejection, Adenela becomes murderously mad and swears revenge upon Seiya. Later, Seiya comforts her by stroking her hair saying it is a mess, after which Adenela swings her mood and suddenly forgives him, saying she cannot stay mad at a hot character.


Adenela has pale skin, red eyes and long purple hair that is messy. There are also bags under her eyes. She also appears to cry blood.

She wears a torn shirt and harem pants and looks very young overall, despite being hundreds of years old.

After falling for Seiya, she completely changed her looks. She began wearing a much more regular and rather regal dress, her hair is now completely straight, and even her eyes have switched to a much less sleepy and more cutesy look with a twinkle in her eyes.

After Seiya's rejection, Adenela becomes dancing mad and reverts to her own unkempt appearance. Later, Seiya comforts her by stroking her hair saying it is a mess, after which Adenela swings her mood and suddenly forgives him, saying she cannot stay mad at a hot character.


Adenela, despite being a goddess, is unhinged and repulsive. Her hair is unkempt, she wears rags, her eyes look lifeless, and are often described as sinister. She stutters a lot. She is also seen smiling eerily nearly all the time, even when when depressed or bloodthirsty.

But when she falls in love with Seiya, she cleans up her appearance and speaks fluidly, gushing her emotions of love in a cute girly voice.

After being rejected by Seiya, she goes on a rampage, swearing revenge upon Seiya. A few episodes later, Rista discovers Adenela clamped in her room, repeatedly writing the word 'KILL' in blood all over the wall. Adenela then sneaks up behind Rista looking like a demon ghost. She once again sneaks up on Rista when they meet Seiya training with Mitis, another thirsty goddess.

Eventually Seiya calms her down, and Adenela once again becomes sweet and smitten. She forgives Seiya, saying she cannot stay mad at a handsome man.

So in all, she oscillates from being a tsundere to a yandere.


When she was first introduced, she was seen as a creep. She agreed to train Seiya when asked. After teaching him Eternal Sword however, she became completely love-struck, causing her to change her behavior and appearance to be more befitting of a goddess. Though the change was short-lived as once Seiya rejected her cake and love, she reverted back to her deranged self.

During Seiya and his companions' journey, Adenela grew from deranged to psychotic. She repeatedly wrote "kill you" all over her walls, as she was obsessed with wanting to kill Seiya. However, upon confronting him, her murderous intent immediately faded away after being patted on the head. Adenela became love-struck once again and returned to her 'normal' self.

The next time she meets Seiya, he asks her to stop Crossed Thanatos who is chasing him, promising to spend more time with her on his next visit if she does. She eagerly attacks the monster but is predictably crushed by the foe.



She is completely infatuated with Seiya, despite being repeatedly insulted and rejected by him. Adenela frequently tells others like Rista that Seiya is truly amazing.


Rista is shocked when she sees Adenela completely transformed after falling in love with Seiya, saying that Seiya is a goddess-slayer. When Seiya rejected Adenela's cake, Rista was relieved as she may have harbored some feelings of jealousy, especially since Adenela and Seiya spent so much time training together.

After Seiya died from the effect of Valhalla gate, she tried to comfort Rista. She also threatens Cerceus for constantly trying to present Rista a cake

Powers and Abilities

As a goddess, she has natural immortality and cannot be killed by conventional means. She is an expert sword fighter, being stronger than Cerceus. She also is extremely fast, both in her skill with the sword as well as overall. She also seems to be a decent baker, given the appearance of her self-made cake for Seiya.

  • Eternal Sword
  • Ultimate Eternal Sword (Eternal Sword EX)
  • Double Eternal Sword
  • Divine Sword : Gliding Eagle
  • Divine Sword : Recurrence Swallow




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